Methodology – Agile

At Winch, we are nimble/reactive, service-oriented and leverage best web practices (Scrum, DevOps, UX-focused).

We listen to your requirements and challenge them, question them, refine them, bullet-proof them, and raise them to a air-tight app design.
Many say that is our key contribution to their project.

Then we consult & integrate your company policies, infrastructures, practices. We get help when required (web designers, platform-specific experts) and come up with a solution specs that meets needs, budget and timeline.

Once the feasibility/design phase is complete, we start building. This is an interactive and iterative process: modules are assembled, coded, tuned; the UX is tested at each step and revised to match scope changes; weights, bandwidth, performances, scalability are examined along the way and integrated early in the design; touchpoints with others systems are documented, structured & future-proofed.

Delivery, testing & roll-out is then organized. We document testing and conduct qualification procedures if applicable (network, security, performance). We can also contribute to your communication & training materials or campaigns. Lastly, we help you sustain and maintain the application, either as third-level support or as iterated releases.